Test Your Intellect at Tyler’s Original Escape Room

At Tyler's Original Escape Room, guests work together to solve mysteries and master puzzles in order to "escape the room" before time runs out. Like other escape room businesses, Tyler's Original Escape Room requires visitors to use a mix of intellect and teamwork to win. What sets this place apart, however, is that it offers five different experiences with respective escape rates, so you can decide how much of a challenge you'd like.

"The List" puzzle has an 80% escape rate and features an all-ages plot, while a group of thrill-seeking adults, on the other hand, may want to try Murder on 155. True to its name, this escape room plunks you right in the middle of a murder-mystery. You must follow the clues to the murderer within 60 minutes in order to escape. Will you be testing your intellect this spring at Tyler's Original Escape Room?

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