Don’t Miss the Gourmet Pizzas at Roast Social Kitchen

Roast Social Kitchen recognizes that its patrons do the best they can to buy healthy food, often organic and locally cultivated. That's why the staff at Roast does they same. They source their ingredients from Tyler-area farmers whenever possible and opt for organic, seasonal food when it's available. This is all in an effort to create a space where customers can feel good about digging into dinner among friends and family.

It seems as though the kitchen team has done a good job given the abundance of praise for Roast Social Kitchen, especially for the pizzas. The Bee's Knees is a popular pie topped with a four-cheese blend plus roasted garlic, Italian sausage, soppressata, thyme, and surprisingly sweet accents like fresh orange. The Smoke Stack pizza also earns praise thanks to the Stanley's Famous pecan-smoked chopped brisket and barbecue sauce layered on top. If you want to sample one of these inventive pies, be sure to stop by Roast Social Kitchen!

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