Enjoy Fresh, Healthy Fare at Honey Tree

What began simply as a vitamin shop in 1974 has flourished into Honey Tree, a full-fledged restaurant and catering business with a focus on balanced eating and good health. Honey Tree's dining room is as sweet as its name suggests, a mixture of natural stone and soothing gray tones. It's the perfect place to dig into a salad from the salad bar or indulge in a tostada topped with guacamole, chicken, or even spicy shrimp.

After your meal, find something sweet to take home in Ev's Bakery. The in-house bakery offers organic baked goods crafted in small batches, so you can always expect exceptional quality. You can grab a single organic rolled oat cookie, which is available in an array of flavors, or even order a customized gluten-free wedding cake. Many of the items are dairy-free too, which make them perfect for eaters with dietary restrictions. Stop by to enjoy something savory or sweet at Honey Tree!

Honey Tree Serves Delicious and Healthy Fare in an Inviting Setting Near You

Sometimes healthy food can taste too healthy, but at Honey Tree, this is not the case. Honey Tree prides itself on creating delicious food, first and foremost, that is healthy too. The food is available for both lunch and dinner with both take-out and dine-in options available. Those who choose to dine at the restaurant will be delighted to find whimsical decor throughout the space with a focus on beautiful plants.

Just because Honey Tree is known to be a healthy restaurant doesn’t mean they don’t serve dessert. Honey Tree is known to serve some tasty gluten-free sweets, including coconut oat bars, cakes, and more. A selection of non-gluten-free desserts are available too. The restaurant is just four miles from Orion at the Cascades—why not check it out for a healthy meal one day soon?

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