La Madeleine Country French Cafe: For a Different Kind of French Dining

French restaurants tend to have the reputation for being expensive, however, you can find top-notch French-inspired cuisine near you for a great price. La Madeleine Country French Cafe on West SW Loop 323 in Tyler is probably your best bet in the area for doing just that.

Though this location of La Madeleine has only recently opened for business, it's already receiving rave reviews for its cozy and casual atmosphere as well as its food, which is a departure from other restaurants in the area. One of the biggest draws is the breakfast menu, which has both richer and lighter options for whatever appetite you have that day. Try the quiche with a rich crust or a flaky and savory croissant. And what would a French cafe be without crepes: check out the crepe Romanoff, which comes topped with strawberries Romanoff. La Madeleine is an excellent place to enjoy French-style food without spending a fortune, so be sure to check it out!

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