Crack Into Some Coconut Creme Brulee at Three Z Azian Cuizine near Orion at the Cascades I & II in Tyler

The banh mi sandwiches that Three Z Azian Cuizine dishes out are some of the best in town, according to customers. That's largely thanks to one main component: the bread. Freshly baked and the perfect balance of chewy and crusty, the baguette bookends this classic Vietnamese eat in a delicious way.

Make the short drive from Orion at the Cascades I & II to Three Z Azian Cuizine for a bite of the banh mi sandwiches. Stuffed inside the bread you'll find a sweet-salty mix of pickled daikon, cilantro, cucumbers, and spicy jalapeno peppers. Wonton chips and coleslaw round out the meal. If you're not a fan of banh mi, try one of Three Z's other authentic Asian dishes, such as curry, pho, fried rice, or spring rolls. Whatever you do, though, don't fill up. The eatery's coconut creme brulee is outstanding, according to customers.

Three Z Azian Cuizine
5201 S, Broadway Ave.
Tyler, TX 75703
(903) 525-6955

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