One Way Out: Tyler’s Escape the Room Epicenter

June 6, 2017 11:01 am

The building that houses Tyler's One Way Out, an escape-the-room spot, may look innocent enough with its calm yellow hue and porch swing. But behind its doors, pirates roam and a murderer finds his next victim. These are two of the fictional scenarios that set the stage for escapes at One Way Out.

Pirate Cove Plunder is a room with a buccaneer-themed narrative that requires kids (ages 9 and up) and adults to work together to solve riddles and master puzzles to escape. Meanwhile, the Murder on 155 room takes older players deep into the mind of a murderer to solve a brutal crime. Check out all the cool scenarios at One Way Out.

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Stanley’s Famous Pit Barbecue: Live Music and Fresh Food

May 24, 2017 2:01 pm

Fresh food and fresh music are both on the menu at Stanley's Famous Pit Barbecue. This high-energy restaurant and music venue hosts local bands on a nightly basis. The performers run the gamut from hard rockers to soulful blues trios. Some bands even perform every week, so there's sure to be something you'll enjoy here.

While you enjoy the live music, sink your teeth into some of the freshly smoked food. Get here early if you want to order some red-skinned potato salad, fresh coleslaw, or cowboy beans on the side of your meal because the house-crafted extras tend to sell out by the end of the night. Any of them pairs well with one of the "famous plates" like the giant, smoked, brisket-stuffed potato or the giant Frito pie. Traditional dishes include the pulled pork sandwich, the massive slabs of ribs, and the brisket or sausage by the pound at Stanley's Famous Pit Barbecue. Will you be stopping by soon?

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Piada Italian Street Food: Inventive Italian Fare Debuts in Tyler

May 18, 2017 10:00 am

Street food is having a moment right now. Whether it's Korean street fare fresh from a food truck or French crepes served hot from the griddle, there's something about eating these simple, delicious snacks that is so enticing and enjoyable. At Piada Italian Street Food, you can taste the same cuisine that residents of Italy enjoy daily.

Piada just debuted a branch near Orion at the Cascades a few months ago, so you're ahead of the curve if you've already dined here. If not, it's time to come check out some of the signature items. The piadas, of course, are the main event. They're essentially wraps swathed in thin Italian dough that's baked to golden-brown on the grill and then hand-rolled around fresh ingredients. Try the Chef's Favorite piada, filled with romaine, sweet and spicy peppers, mozzarella, creamy Parmesan dressing, and spicy diavolo sauce for the quintessential Piada Italian Street Food experience.

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